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Lone Wolf Software Support

Contact Us:

Welcome to Lone Wolf Software Support. We are happy to try and help you with any questions or problems you may have.

Our normal office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PST Mon-Fri but we often check our support email during off hours and weekends too.

Please allow 24 hours to receive an answer to your inquiry. Normally you will receive a reply from us within just a few hours. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours it may be that your email spam filter may has blocked our reply, so first check your spam folder for our message and "white list" our email address if you find it there. Otherwise its possible our reply or your inquiry was lost in cyberspace so please email us again.


If you have a question please send it to the email addresses below:

We welcome comments or suggestions about our software. Please send your comments for improvements you would like to see added to:

If you have discovered a "bug" or a problem with one of our products please do not hesitate to contact us to make us aware of it so we can get it fixed. User feedback on software products is extremely important and valuable to us so that we can continue to improve the product for our customers.


Key Replacement:

After entering the Key to register the product on a computer the software will remain permanently registered on the computer for the life of the computer. Installing a new Operating System or reinstalling the current Operating System may require you to re-enter the Key again to register the software.

Our product Keys occasionally expire over time as new versions are released. This is necessary to fight software piracy problems. If you have purchased a license for one of our products and are receiving an invalid Key message when trying to install the software please contact us for a replacement Key. We will be happy to assist you.

Please provide one of the proof of purchase options below when contacting us for a new Key.

1) Contact us from the email address you used when you purchased the Key. We check the email address when you send us the request and check for a match. If its the same email address we will send you a replacement Key immediately.

2) If you are contacting us from a different email address please provide the information below to expedite the process

  • Name of Product purchased
  • Order #  (received after purchasing the product)
  • Email address used to purchase the product

If you do not provide the information requested above we will attempt to verify you as a register user by contacting you and requesting the missing information or other personal information provided when you purchased the software. Please understand that we must verify its you that purchased the license or we cannot provide a replacement Key. When you purchase a Single User License it provides only you with the right to use the software and it is not transferable to others.

3) We will provide Replacement Keys Free of charge for 5 years after purchasing a license.

Send your request for a new Key to:




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If you like our products please help other users find us so that they can enjoy our software too by adding a link to us from your web pages, blogs, facebook pages, etc.

Thank you for your support !

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