See what our customers are saying about Contact Wolf.

“I had used an old address book software from the 90’s and finally my current computer won’t load it any longer. I had specific needs for a new address book and many that I downloaded didn’t fill all my needs but Contact Wolf does! I keep track of all my piano tuning customers with an address book and your program is ULTRA cool! Thanks again.

— Fred G., Berthoud, CO

“Superb design and easy to learn. I use it at home and to run my business. The best contact manager I’ve ever used.

— CNET Reviewer: Sam Orwell

“It’s about time! Contact Management software that does everything you need it to do! Finally some well designed software that does not require you to have a PHD. to learn how to use it.

— Karen Driscoll, Denver, CO

“Your software is the best I have used over the years and your superior customer service has reinforced what a wonderful program and company you have!

— M. Stevens, Forum Publishing Co.

“I have only been using your software for less than a day now. It has so many things that make keeping contacts organized. It’s really great software.

— David S., Austin, TX.

“ I download 3 different address book software programs to evaluate over the last week. Contact Wolf was the clear winner for ease of use and flexibility! I just wanted to say congratulations to the Lone Wolf Software team for creating such a useful and well designed piece of software.

— Mark S. , Kingsford Nebraska

“I own a landscaping business and I needed contact software to keep track of my customers and employees. Contact Wolf lets me organize all my clients, etc. into my own categories so that I can easily maintain my customer information and even send out mailing campaigns using the label printing. This address book software has become my most valuable addition to my business! It’s just what I needed!

— Ray Grant, Mt Pleasant, NY

“I just purchased the PRO version and I wanted to let you know why I chose Contact Wolf over the others. Your interface is fantastic! One click on a record and I can see everything. I don’t have to view a report or search thru viewing options to try and see data I already entered. Your product makes it EASY and that is what I like!

— Tara Summers, Edmonton Canada

“I’ve been looking for some good address book software at a reasonable price and a friend recommended Contact Wolf. So I gave it a try and it’s perfect! Now I have all my friends, family, and business contacts organized and I did it in one day! I love the fact that my data is easy to backup and export into other formats too. Thank you from a very happy customer!.

— Victor Marietta, Plymouth, MN

“My only question is why can’t all address software be this good!

— Roger K.

“ Bravo on a brilliant piece of software.

— Vince Masters, Edmonton Canada
Totally useful software and a tremendous time saver.

“I just downloaded the new version with the Birthday reminders and its awesome! Thanks for a great addition.

— Tom Mintz

I purchased and installed the Lone Wolf Address Book Contact Wolf (I love it!) on my new Windows 8 laptop last October. Your Address Book is perfect for my needs...all the other address books that I found were useless to me. I just needed an address book to keep track of friends, business contacts, etc. and also to make a Christmas Card list! ”

— Donna M. April, 2014

“Thank you for such a wonderful software product. I used to use ACT but after months of frustration I decided to switch to something easier and more intuitive to use. I tried several address book programs and loved Contact Wolf the moment I started it! It’s so easy to learn and does everything I need it to do. I was printing out my Avery labels in minutes.

— Rachel Bonner, Buena Vista, VA

“Totally useful software and a tremendous time saver.

— Paul Van Beck, Denver

“For more than twenty years I suffered through the first releases of ACT, several forgettable other DOS
based applications, Access (for geeks only or those with masochistic tendencies) and the final and last release of Goldmine (adds a new definition to lousy overpriced support for software that is a pain in the a_ _ to use and configure). I found your application by accident and downloaded the trial version for a quick test drive. Contact Wolf is a sales contact management application that is: 1) Easy to install; 2) Intuitive to add and edit contacts; 3) Is simple to configure; 3) Has a knuckle dragger so easy to follow GUI interface, you’ve knocked it out of the park.

These other applications are top heavy with analysis that would be only used by large organization who have staff who are solely responsible to parse minute information that is totally useless to small and medium size organization. We want to sell, and support our clients, not drown in data that even top management does not understand.

Bottom line, this is absolutely the easiest, simplest, fastest contact management application I have seen. Love the ‘word of the day’ (you must have one of my old MD engineers working for you), and the links to maps, which would have been a life save to my prior business.

I’m sure I shall find other features that I will enjoy using. Excellent product, damn excellent product.”

— Byron W. , Mesa, AZ , April 2014