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Contact Management Software Features

Contact Wolf's award winning design sets a new standard for Contact Manager Software.

Contact management software windows 8 compatiblePowerful and Flexible : Includes 3 separate directories (personal. business, custom) so you can keep your contacts organized and easy to find. Create unlimited categories to group contacts making it easy to print labels for a Christmas list,  send your friends and family a New Years email greeting, keep a list of emergency contacts and phone numbers or stay in contact with customers and clients. Set reminders for Birthdays, Anniversaries or any event. Modify data fields to meet your needs, print labels, phone lists and address books or export the data into multiple formats.

address software softpedia awardDesigned for both home and business. Contact Wolf is completely compatible with almost any network. If you are a business user with multiple work stations you can easily configure Contact Wolf to share its database between all users on your network. Contact Wolf works great too if you are an average home user with only one computer... but if you decide to purchase another computer in the future why not have software that can grow with you! Contact Wolf can easily import data from most other contact software (including Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Outlook Express) so its also easy to switch!

What you should know about Cloud vs PC based Contact Managers

  • Designed for Home or Business
    Designed for the average home user, small business owner or powerful enough for large business operations.

  • Network compatible
    Easily configured to share the contact database between all computers on your network. It's compatible with any Local Area Network (LAN) or functions perfectly on a single computer.

  • Easy to Learn and use
    Start adding contact records literally seconds after installing the software. We include a Help option of course.... but you will rarely need to use it! We designed our contact manager software to be extremely easy to use but also feature rich and address software sms text messaging imagepowerful. Its great as a simple contact manager but also includes powerful options usually only found in much more expensive products just in case you need it.

  • Send FREE Text Messages from your computer
    Contact Wolf now supports sending unlimited FREE text messages from your computer to any cell phone or mobile device. All USA carriers are supported. Sending text messages is easy and is a great way to stay in touch with your family, friends and clients.

  • Save and Organize Detailed Information on Everyone You Know
    Easily organizes all your contact information - Names, personal / business addresses, phone numbers, email & website addresses, personal facts & comments, birthdays, anniversaries, and much more.

  • Powerful Built-In Email EngineContact Manager Software Email Engine
    Send email to thousands of recipients with one click using a built-in bulk emailing capable engine. It can also integrate with any email client like Outlook or other 3rd party software if you just want to use your current email program with Contact Wolf.

  • Link and Display Images to Contact Records (PRO version only)
    Link photos, logos or any type of image (bmp, jpg, gif, etc) to your contact records.

  • Maintain a Detailed Contact History (PRO version only)
    Compile a detailed dated contact history for any record in your address book database (contact dates, subject, Comments) Keep notes about phone conversations, meetings, past events, etc.

  • Mapping
    Integrates with MapQuest or Google Maps so you can view any address on a map and get directions.

  • Create your own Internet Address Book
    Select any of your contact records to export to a preformatted HTML file that you can upload to your server and have your own Internet based Address Book viewable from any browser and computer with an internet connection. Create as many personal or business internet based address books as you like viewable only by you and always available. Contact Wolf makes it easy by creating the HTML code for you and saving it to a file.

  • Address Software Document LinkerDocument Linking (PRO version only)
    Link multiple types of Documents (pdf, Word, xml, txt, Images, Excel (csv), etc) to your contacts. You can link as many documents, files and images as you like to any contact record. To view or edit the document simply double click on it in the Document List in Contact Wolf.

  • Powerful Dynamic Relational Database Engine
    The database provides unlimited capacity and grows as needed as you add contact records.

  • Powerful Search Engine
    Search thousands of records in seconds for any keyword or keyword phrase. You can also link keywords to narrow the search. If you want to display contacts from Maryland named John simply enter "Maryland + John" and click the Search button.  What could be easier!

  • Separate Personal / Business / Custom Directories
    Easily organize your personal and business and "special" contacts with 3 separate directories. Contact Wolf provides 3 Directories (Personal, Business and Custom) for even more organizational power.

  • Organize Records into Groups and Categories
    Create and assign your own categories to records to group your data into any format that you choose. Easily list any records assigned to a particular group with one click! You can create unlimited Groups and assign records to them as needed. When you click on a particular Group Contact Wolf will display only the records from the selected Group. Create a Christmas List Group to make emailing Holiday greetings fast and easy! Create a Friends Group to quickly select for printing labels.

  • contact manager label formatting windowLabel Printing
    Select one record or a group of records and easily print out mailing labels. Most Avery labels are supported. Simply select the label and everything is perfectly formatted automatically. The PRO version also includes a Custom Label option so you can select the exact Data Fields to include on the labels.

  • Password Protect any contact record
    Easily password protect individual contact records to hide from view and restrict access unless the password is entered. All protected records are hidden by default when Contact Wolf is launched. The protected records are not visible and cannot be accessed until the password is entered. Then All protected records suddenly appear.

  • Easy Access Help System
    Click one button to access our in-depth Help system to answer any questions and make learning how to use the software a snap!

  • Phone Log Option that Saves a Detailed Record of Phone Calls
    Automatically record important information for any call you make including Name, Date, Time, length of call and comments.

  • One Button Phone Dialing
    Select a phone number from any record in your database and one click places the call.

  • address software custom label designer windowOne Button Emailing
    Select an email address from any record in your database and one click sends the email message.

  • Export Email Lists or Email Multiple Recipients
    Stay in contact with friends, family, clients  and customers. Easily select a group of records and export an email list that can be imported into most mass emailing programs. Contact Wolf also has the capability to email multiple recipients simultaneously.

  • One Button Website Access
    Select a website address from any record in your database and one click opens your browser and takes you to the website address selected

  • View, Print and Export Reports
    Multiple Personal and Business Reports are included that automatically format your contact data into perfectly rendered reports.  Each Report can also be exported into multiple formats (pdf, Excel, CSV, Lotus, Rich Text, Word docs, XML and more). Pprint your own personal phone list or Address Book.
    See a few examples below:

     Contact Wolf contact manager software reports image
  • System Tray Background Option
    Run Contact Wolf normally or from your system tray in the "background" to save resources

  • User Defined Global Data Fields
    Customize many of the data fields to accommodate your specific needs. Contact Wolf includes 10 Custom data Fields that can be modified individually for each record or globally for all records to "tailor" it to your particular requirements.

  • Import and Export Capability
    Easily import contact data from most other contact management software
    (including Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Outlook Express and most other applications). Contact Wolf imports data in comma delimited text file format. This is a universal format that most contact managers and address managers can export data in. Contact Wolf can also export data in many different formats including comma delimited and other standard formats like pdf, Excel, CSV, Lotus, Rich Text, Word docs, XML and more.

  • Includes an INFOpedia
    Contains all US area codes, zip codes, and International Dialing Codes

  • Alarm Reminders
    Set multiple alarm reminders for any record in your database. Remind yourself of Birthdays, Anniversaries or any other event or occasion.
    The Reminders can be configured to automatically reset daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc., so you can just set it once and forget it. The Alarm Monitor allows you to set a reminder to display at a specific TIME and automatically send an email reminder even if Contact Wolf is closed on your Desktop.

  • Automatic Backups
    Automatically backup options let
    you backup your database (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) so you never need to worry about losing your valuable data.

  • LIFETIME FREE Upgrades
    Click on the auto-upgrading option and download updates as they become available.

  • Winner of many prestigious awards. See our Reviews page.


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What you should know about Cloud vs PC based Contact Managers


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