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What You Should Know About Cloud Versus PC Contact Management Address Book Software

We are often asked if we plan on developing a cloud based contact management application. We believe that cloud based databases pose a serious security threat to the data especially for contact management data. The "dirty secret" about cloud based databases are that they are always at risk to intrusion from hackers and in fact are simply impossible to secure which places the data at risk. Contact information is particularly sensitive and a constant target for hackers. Placing this type of sensitive data on a central server, ie, in the "cloud" in our view is not s smart paradigm for keeping it secure. Large global corporations like Bank of America and Target among many others that have never disclosed their data breaches have been unable to secure their databases from intrusion in spite of being multi-billion dollar entities.

We believe strongly that having the database on the users computer or network server is a much safer more secure option since it is simply much less of a target to potential hacking activity then if it is located on a web based central server.

Some people may believe that their personal database of contact information on their friends, family, clients and customers is not of interest to hacking groups, but this is naive and far from the truth. In fact, this is often exactly the type of information hackers are looking for and is a valuable asset to them.

We also believe cloud based program have many other disadvantages to computer based applications.

Disadvantages to Cloud Based Software Applications:

1) The databases cannot be secured from hacker intrusion

2) Cloud based software requires you to have an internet connection to access the software.

3) Most cloud applications require a monthly or yearly fee to continue using the software since you are accessing the company server and using disk space and bandwidth.

4) Your data on the server database is viewable and not private. Employees and other company personel likely will have access to it


Contact Wolf is not a Cloud based product

Contact Wolf is a computer based software product that installs and stores the database on your computer. The database is truly private and much less likely to be a target for hacker activity. Why? Your data is less likely to ever be compromised because its hidden by your Firewall and most of all because you are only one of billions of computers connected to the internet and are simply lost in a mass of computer users. It will not be a target because hackers will not find you. Direct hacking intrusions into personal computers is extremely rare because of this simple fact. There are exponentially more computer users than hackers.

Contact Wolf does not require a monthly fee. The license you purchase is a Life-Time license. Even if our company was to cease operation your license remains valid and you can use the software to manage your contact information forever with the Key you receive.

You do not need an internet connection to use Contact Wolf. Once installed it does not access the internet unless you download an update or use the built-in email engine to send email.

We believe these are important facts for our customers to consider before purchasing cloud based products and illustrate the numerous advantages to computer based database programs like Contact Wolf.


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